Tejas Verea reduces plastic pollution by reducing its use and achieving a saving of 14 tons/year of this material

  • Under the slogan #NoPlasticPollution, the company has reduced its use of plastics by 23% in the last two years
  • By 2023, the use of recycled plastic will increase by 30% and the company is working to achieve 50%

Tejas Verea, a Galician manufacturer of roof tiles and efficient roofing solutions, has reduced by 23% the use of plastics in the packaging and transport processes of its products in the last two years, achieving a total saving of 14 tons.

This measure is combined with the substitution of plastic for other materials of natural origin and the use of recycled plastic. The company has eliminated expanded polystyrene or porexpan in its transport and export processes, replacing it with cardboard sheets, and has increased the use of recycled plastic to 30% by 2023, with the goal of reaching 50% next year.

Verea is committed to the environment, “we strive to be a benchmark in our industry, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve a balance between efficient production and protection of the natural environment,” explains Luis Verea, CEO of Tejas Verea.

Environmental responsibility is one of the company’s pillars, together with investment in research and implementation of improvements in efficiency and sustainability. To this end, it collaborates with companies that are experts in innovation in sustainable alternatives and the adaptation of 100% recycled plastic to their production and transportation processes.

For years, Verea has been implementing actions to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to improve the sustainability of its processes, invest in innovation and adopt better waste management practices to help close the ‘plastic tap’.

Commitment to the sustainable use of plastics and raw materials

The sustainable use of plastic in a circular economy context is the key to reducing its impact on the environment and driving sustainable growth. Tejas Verea is committed to a responsible use of this material while at the same time researching alternative materials and processes to extend its useful life.

With regard to the recovery of other materials, Verea has a system for returning wooden pallets that has enabled it to recover 47% of the pallets delivered to its customers in 2022. After a review process, the pallets are reincorporated into the packaging chain, reusing them and reducing the consumption of raw materials.

Tejas Verea

Manufacturer of roof tiles and integral solutions for roofing located in Mesía (A Coruña) in an industrial complex of almost 300,000 square meters, distributed among 3 production lines with a capacity to manufacture 50 million tiles per year, a milling plant prepared to process more than 200,000 tons per year and two storage yards. Founded in 1967, it employs 65 workers.

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