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Installation accessories
Tile Fixing

Stainless steel mechanical anchors with anti-corrosion treatment that allows the tiles to be fixed to each other, facilitating their assembly and avoiding their displacement

Stainless-steel fixing clip
Stainless-steel fixing clip flat

Adhesive formulated by Verea to ensure the fixing of the tiles to their support. The only foam recommended to place the Verea System. Available in gun and cannula and in gray and terracotta.

Technical details Verea polyurethane foam

4.8x38 mm screw with anticorrosive treatment designed to hold some rows of tile on the gable in case of large slopes.

Technical details Roof tile screw

Galvanized steel profile subjected to a cold rolling process for its forming, with anti-corrosion type Z100 zinc coating.

Technical details Ventilation batten
Ridge and hip accesories

All the necessary elements to carry out a dry and ventilated installation of the ridge with anti-corrosion treatments:

Flexible, breathable waterproof sheet available in 50 m long and 37.5 cm wide rolls, to waterproof ridge and hip.

Technical details Waterproof ridge sheet BM3

Sheet for under ridge and hip, composed of a central area of waterproof and highly breathable polypropylene and two self-adhesive aluminum side bands.

Technical details Ventilation sheet under ridge
Wall, chimney and valley accesories

Prefabricated piece of rubber, designed to prevent laterally water circulation.

Technical details Rubber valley

Aluminum and butyl self-adhesive strip with great adaptability to all types of surfaces, even irregular ones. Especially suitable for vertical meetings, fireplaces...

Technical details Self-adhesive aluminum sheet
Eave accesories

Screw with anti-corrosion treatment of 4.5x70 mm designed to hold of the first line of roof tiles.

Technical details Eave tile screw

Metallic piece designed to hide the insulation package of the roof and prevent water run-off through the facade.

Technical details Metal drip edge
Under roof tile accesories

One-sided adhesive reinforced polyethylene sheet for sealing overlaps between sheets.

Technical details Adhesive tape for sheet

Flexible breathable waterproof sheet available in 50 m long rolls with a width of 1.50 m to waterproof roofs.

Technical details Waterproof sheet BM3

Waterproof sheet that allows to control the passage of vapour through the roof, avoiding condensation. It must be placed below the thermal insulation.

Technical details Vapor barrier