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Environment-friendly roofs

Engaged industry

We design and realize our industrial processes with the least environmental impact:

  • We minimize consumptions of energy and raw materials.
  • We reprocess, reuse, reduce and recycle waste from each stage of manufacture.
  • We develop objectives and actions to improve our environmental performance.
Verea roof tiles have four clear characteristics related to the environment:

Natural product

You can download the information about the environmental performance of ceramic tiles in the Environmental Product Statement, verified by Aenor: DAP-Tejas

The Environmental Product Statements provide reliable, relevant, transparent, comparable and verified information that makes it possible to highlight a product that is respectful of the environment.


The combination of earth, water, air and fire gives rise to a natural product: Verea roof tiles, a cover born of the same nature.


Ceramic roofs have been used since the beginning of the civilization. The colors are inalterable, they do not degrade. The ceramic roof tiles are safe and durable.

Energy efficiency

Verea roofs have high thermal insulation, which minimizes energy consumption in air conditioning.


Verea roof tile is a non-polluting product and, once its life-cycle is ended, it is 100% recyclable, being able to be used in its crushed form in gardening, tennis courts…

In Verea we are committed to the reduction of greenhouse gases

Climate change

Implementing energy efficiency actions:

  • Energy reutilization of oven to dryer.
  • Increase the loading density of material in the oven.
  • Replacement of transport vehicles.
  • Reduction of heat loss by improvement of oven insulation.

We are the firts roof tile factory to obtain the Carboon Footprint:

The Carboon Footprint Registration recognizes Verea’s committment to reducing its emissions and contributing to the fight against climate change.

Waste management plan

The Royal Decree 105/2008, by which it regulates the production and management of construction and demolition waste, establishes that the producer of construction and demolition waste must include in the execution project​ a study of waste containing, among other information, in kg and m3, of waste to be generated in the job.​

In order to make the preparation of the waste management pan easier, we inform you of the waste generated in the Verea System colocation.​

Sustainable construction

Verea tiles contribute to adding credits in different categories of sustainable construction certifications. Its environmental information has been included by the Green Building Council in its materials platform: a service for professionals and companies that provides environmental information on products and construction systems, to publicize their environmental, social and economic benefits. GBCe is an organization that promotes the transformation of the construction sector towards sustainability, with methods and tools internationally updated and comparable, for an assessment of the sustainability of buildings.