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What is BIM?

BIM, an acronym for “Building Information Modeling”, is a construction project management system with a complete virtual development of a project, which tells us if it is really constructible.

In turn, BIM is a tool for managing the related information that allows modeling through the use of parameterized 3D files. BIM makes it possible to produce and store all the information needed to operate in the different phases of the life cycle of construction projects. The use of BIM from design allows the agents of the construction process to collaborate and efficiently use the same information in all phases of the project.

BIM models are objects created with the attributes of the actual construction element to be managed, controlled and used in projects virtually.

From now on Tejas Verea has a library of BIM files for the ceramic tiles of the Verea System range in its “Curved” and “S” tile typology, as well as its unique objects in Revit format. The Verea Roof Tiles BIM objects are connected to specifiers and technicians anywhere in the world through the joint file available for free download on our website.

Through the use of Verea BIM objects:

  • We can realize a truly reliable virtual replica of the project.
  • The specifier can check how the building will perform under different conditions. They will allow more accurate calculations by applying to them the exact characteristics and morphology of the projected roof type.
  • From the BIM model it will be possible to make an exact measurement of all the elements that make up the roof and export it to the desired budget generation software.
  • It will be possible to extract from the BIM file the construction details, sections and graphic documentation necessary for its definition in the project.
  • We will be able to implement elements of the Verea family to the BIM environment of any project.
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