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Stainless-steel fixing clip

Mechanical anchor for fixing tiles to each other. Makes installation easier and prevents the tiles displacement.

Data sheet Stainless-steel fixing clip

PU-Foam Verea V-100

Adhesive formulated by Verea to ensure the fixation of the tiles to their support. Only foam recommended for the Verea System

Foam technical sheet
Safety data
Adhesion test foam V-100 A/Pistol
Adherence test foam V-100/Cannula

Eaves tile screw

4.5x70mm Geomet 500B treated screw designed to hold the first row of tiles.

Technical data Eaves screw


Fixing piece Onduline-tile

Piece designed and patented by Verea to guarantee the fixation of the tiles to the Onduline BT150 under tile plate in singular points (eaves, sides, ridge…).


Data sheet Fixing piece

Metal drip edge

Metal piece designed to hide the insulation package of the roof and prevent water runoff through the front of the building.

Data sheet Metal Drip Edge


Waterproof-breathing membrane Verea BM3

Waterproof-breathing Membrane, specially designed to waterproofing the whole roof. Available in rolls (5mt length x 1.5mt wide).

Data sheet Verea BM3

Screws and ridge profiles

All the necessary elements for a dry and ventilated installation of the ridge:

    • Gusset Combination: with Geomet 500B treatment
    • Staple: stainless steel AISI 316
    • Bracket screw: with Geomet 500B treatment
    • Hip-Ridge & Rake screw: with Geomet 500B treatment
    • Profile: zinc plated
    • Union Profile: zinc plated

Technical data Gusset Combination
Technical data Staple  
Technical data Bracket screw
Technical data Hip-Ridge & Rake screw 
Technical sheet Profile
Technical sheet Union Profile


Waterproof-breathing membrane Verea BM3

Breathable flexible waterproof sheet presented in rolls of 50m long and 37.5cm wide, for waterproofing ridge and limestone.

Data sheet Verea BM3

Fibrocement board

All sizes of fiber cement board available for all Verea tile models

Onduline roofing sheets

Available models of plate for the placement of curved tile 40×20, 45×20, 50×21 and tile “S” (without rastrelar)


Multi-use self-adhesive flashing tape

A self-adhesive flashing tape for chimneys covered with butyl rubber all over the surface. Corrugated or pleated aluminium sheet based. Used to seal the abutments of roof covering with chimneys, roof windows (skylights) and jutties.

Data sheet Multi-use tape

Rubber valley

Prefabricated rubber parts, designed to prevent water from flowing laterally

Data sheet Rubber valley