Onduline and Tejas Verea show the installation of micro-ventilated and efficient roofs with mixed roof tiles through a virtual 3D recreation.

The audiovisual, aimed at construction and architecture professionals, shows the step-by-step process of installing energy-efficient roofs with Verea ‘S’ mixed tile and the SIATE TOP Onduline system.

The new recreation joins the companies’ virtual library where the roof installation videos have more than 43,000 views.

The companies Onduline and Tejas Verea explain through a virtual 3D recreation the installation process of efficient and micro-ventilated roofs with Verea ‘S’ mixed ceramic tiles and Onduline Low Tile slabs, using the Verea System approved roof installation system.

An audiovisual rendering shows the details of the installation, insulation and waterproofing of the roof, as well as each of the critical points of the roof, such as the eaves, the overhangs or the joints at the ridge. The roof is covered with Verea ‘S’ tiles, a unique format on the Spanish market that reproduces the aesthetics of the curve, but makes installation much easier.

The new tool, available on the websites and Youtube channels of Onduline and Tejas Verea, joins the virtual library of audiovisuals produced by both companies to meet the needs of installers and technical professionals, with more than 43 thousand views on Youtube.

In addition to resolving technical doubts and including advice, it shows all the elements that make up the system.

Ventilated roof execution system: Verea System

Verea was the first ceramic tile manufacturer with an approved installation system in Spain, the Verea System, which increases the durability of the tiles and the performance of the roof. Easy to install, this integral system provides greater energy efficiency and reduces damp and condensation in buildings.

It is a complete lightweight, efficient, waterproofed and micro-ventilated roofing system, with a high-performance tile covering and developed in accordance with the Spanish Technical Building Code, the specifications of which are set out in the Technical Approval Document DIT Plus 622p/22.

SIATE TOP Onduline System

Complete waterproofing and thermal insulation system for roofs and pitched roofs that stands out for its high energy efficiency and long-lasting waterproofing of roofs. It is an ideal system for the rehabilitation of roofs due to its efficiency, lightness and quick and easy installation.

It consists of a vapour barrier, the ONDULINE PIR UTR roof insulation panel and the Onduline Under Tile DRS asphalt sheet, which is installed directly on the roof insulation panel to waterproof and ventilate it, protecting it against damp due to condensation.

Tejas Verea

Manufacturer of roof tiles and integral solutions for roofing located in Mesía (A Coruña) in an industrial complex of almost 300,000 square metres, distributed among 3 production lines with a capacity to manufacture 50 million tiles per year. Founded in 1967, it employs 70 workers.

Almost 50% of the company’s turnover comes from exporting its products to countries such as the United States, Dominican Republic, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, Jamaica and Guatemala, among others.


Onduline is the world’s leading manufacturer of asphalt roofing and roofing sheet. Onduline stands out for manufacturing high quality asphalt sheet and for offering lightweight, durable systems for the insulation and waterproofing of roofs and pitched roofs. It currently operates in more than 120 countries and employs more than 1,600 people worldwide.

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