Tejas Verea is committed to gender equality in the construction sector

– The company develops an Equality Plan that promotes non-discrimination, equality and conciliation policies
Verea joins the ‘Construyo Igualdad’ campaign created to give more visibility to women in the world of construction

On the International Day for Equal Pay, the company Tejas Verea shows its commitment to gender equality in the construction sector. The company is immersed in the development of an Equality Plan with the aim of promoting gender equality and in which the entire Verea team participates.

The new Plan incorporates policies that show the company’s commitment in areas such as equal pay, incorporation of women into the construction sector, support and promotion of the professional career of women workers, work-life balance programs and flexible hours, and maternity protection.

In Spain, women represent 8.4% of construction workers, a traditionally highly masculinized sector. The percentage of female workers in Verea is 18,5%. Verea professionals lead four departments of the company: Purchasing, Communication and Marketing, Quality and Environment and Administration. In addition, they account for 43% of the most qualified professionals (level 1 that includes engineers and graduates).

Within the framework of its commitment to gender equality, Verea has joined the ‘Construyo Igualdad’ campaign organized by the Construction Labor Foundation and created to give more visibility to women in the world of construction. By spreading an image of collaboration between colleagues at work, Verea wants to show that together it is easier to build equal opportunities for women and men.

Support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Verea’s commitment to equality is part of its support for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations. In this sense, Verea has joined the #aliadosdelosODS campaign promoted by the Spanish Global Compact Network with the aim of contributing to the dissemination of the 2030 Agenda.

Verea has been part of this initiative since 2019. The company has developed actions framed in 13 of the 17 SDGs in terms of labor rights, the environment or sustainable management of resources. In the last year, the initiatives framed in the promotion of objectives 11-Sustainable Cities and Communities, through the promotion of natural materials such as 100% recyclable and reusable ceramic tiles and objective 13-Climate Action, with its Emissions Reduction Plan, which has avoided the emission of some 3,000 Tn CO2 since 2013.

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