How many flat clay tiles fit into one square meter?

Flat clay tiles are one of the most traditional ceramic roofing products. But, how many flat clay tiles fit into one square meter? You can easily get an answer to that question asking to us online.

They are characterized, above all, by their versatility since they adapt to any type of support. In addition, our tiles provide durability five times greater than the minimum required by the current standard. Its resistance to weather agents is more than proven.

Likewise, we have a wide variety of natural finishes so that the harmony between the roof and its surroundings is respected. But when it comes to buying flat clay tiles, how many are those that fit in a square meter? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our clients.

Ask Tejas Verea how many flat clays tiles you need

The answer you need is in the inquiry form that you can find on our website. Contact us to indicate your project and the number of square meters that the roof of your home has. Shortly, we will give you an answer with the amount of flat clay tiles that you would need.

Ask Tejas Verea how many flat clays tiles you need

If you want to make an estimate for yourself about how many flat clay tiles fit into one square meter, you can consider the dimensions of this type of tiles:

  • Length: 40 centimeters
  • Width: 25.5 centimeters
  • Units per square meter: 12.5
  • Weight of each unit: 2.95 kilos
  • Units per pallet: 344

We have in stock flat clay tiles in colors red, graphite and slate. Shingles that are perfect for roofs and that have great resistance to weather elements. The ease of installation will mean that in a very short time you can have them.

Ask us in the contact form you have on the web. We will call you to explain how many flat clays tiles you need and their cost. You just must leave us your name, telephone, and email, as well as the square meters of deck.

At Tejas Verea we are leaders in the manufacture and distribution of roof tiles in Spain. All our tiles have the maximum guarantee of quality, resistance, and durability. In addition, thanks to the different finishes they adapt to all kinds of situations. Consult with us how many flat clay tiles fit into one square meter and plan your budget easily and free of charge.

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