Flat roofs originate 78,7% of roof pathologies

The Musaat Foundation has just published the “National Statistical Analysis on Building Pathologies” in which it concludes that flat roofs accumulate a greater number of incidents compared to sloping roofs. Specifically, it indicates that 78.7% of the pathologies occur in flat roofs, while the incidence is reduced to 21.3% in sloping roofs.

The national research on building pathologies aims to promote the design of training, information and awareness campaigns aimed at the building sector to increase quality in that sector.

The information of the analysis comes from the files of accident of professional civil responsibility of riggers and technical architects of MUSAAT, that fulfill the condition of containing judicial claim filed between the years 2008 and 2017 and final sentence issued before January 2018.

Another of the conclusions highlights that the flat roofs are the elements of the buildings that present the greatest number of pathologies, together with the clad facades, foundation walls, windows, buried sanitation and unidirectional slabs.


The most recurrent types of pathologies are ‘humidity and filtration’, registering a better behavior of the sloping roofs in the pathologies related to humidity.

The humidity and/or filtration of the flat roofs account for 52.2% of the total pathology of the roofs, while in sloping roofs this pathology accounts for 11%. The humidities and/or punctual filtrations of the flat roofs represent 9.4% of the total of pathologies while in the inclined ones the percentage falls 3.5%.

On the other hand, the flat roof ponds account for 6.4% of the total pathologies and did not occur in the case of sloping roofs.

With respect to the most significant causes of pathologies, the study concludes that the absence/deficiency of waterproofing is the origin of 34.3% of the problems on flat roofs, representing 27% of the total causes of pathologies on roofs. In the case of sloping roofs, this cause is behind 14.4% of the pathologies in this type of roof and represents only 3% of the total pathologies.

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