How many curved tiles fit into one square meter?

Curved tiles are generally the most commonly used material for building sloping roofs. This is because this same format has been used for years to build structures for roofs and covers around the world.

Curved tiles are the classic covering material for sloping roofs. With this format, the same pieces are used to form the channels, the blankets and the roof joints. Manufactured by extrusion, they are available in multiple sizes and can be adapted to any construction need. Their design allows different overlap values to be obtained between the pieces.

But to answer the question that concerns us, the answer to the question of how many curved tiles fit into a square meter, it is important to know the difference between sizes.

The number of pieces per square meter that come in from curved or Arabic tiles depends on the model and therefore on the size we choose. For example, from the traditional 500 mm curved tile, 9 pieces are needed to complete one m2. So the answer to the question we can not give you clear, unless you know what tile you want.

Depending on the size, up to 9 pieces of tiles can fit into one m2.

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