Roof plates or ceramic tiles? Advantages and disadvantages

If you are thinking of making reforms to your roof, two of the options among which you will be doubting will surely be roofing plates and ceramic roof tiles. Which is the best option? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each system?

Today we are going to explain it to you from Tejas Verea, so that you can have all the information available at your fingertips when deciding. In addition, you can send us your query in the form that you have seen above, so that we can respond and advise you as expert professionals that we are.

Advantages and disadvantages of roof plates

Roof plates are an option that many people look for for one main reason: they are very inexpensive. They stand out for being manageable, quite durable and easy to install.

As for their disadvantages, a faulty installation could cause them to fly away. On the other hand, they are not great thermal insulators, so you would have to place an additional one. The reason is that they transmit a lot of heat in summer and a lot of cold in winter.

Which is better, roof tiles or ceramic tiles?

Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic roof tiles

The advantages of ceramic tiles start very early, since they are more ecological. On the other hand, they provide greater impermeability and are great thermal and acoustic insulators. As for the finishes, they also offer great flexibility, and in Tejas Verea we have finishes of all kinds, modern and elegant.

In addition, ceramic roof tiles are also cheap, although their installation is a bit more complex and requires the help of professional experts.

Which is better, roof tiles or ceramic tiles?

Based on all this information, you can decide which option is the best for you. At Tejas Verea we firmly believe that nothing can match a roof equipped with ceramic tiles. They are simply perfect in terms of design, profitability, functionality and, above all, they fulfill the objective for which you put them wonderfully: to protect your home and isolate it from the inclement weather.

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