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Country tile (del país) – price and tile placement per m2

The country tile (del país) is also known as curved tile or the tile of all life. It is not called that by chance, but because it has become the reference option for many houses over many years. The reasons include variables as important as the design and, especially, for its incredible waterproofing qualities.

At Tejas Verea we are experts in tile country (del país) placement, in addition to selling it at really competitive prices within the sector. Specially, taking into account that our models are of supreme quality, something confirmed because we are the reference company in the sale and placement of sales throughout Galicia, in addition to exporting to Spain and practically the whole world.

We offer you the best price of tile in the country per m2

The price of the country’s tile (del país) per m2 varies from time to time depending on various factors. At Tejas Verea we do not want to put prices on an item that can get out of date quickly. However, you can make your direct inquiry and get a real quote right now without any complications or commitment. You can send it on our website through the form above on this page.

Country tile (del país) - price and tile placement per m2

The curved country tile (del país) that we sell at Tejas Verea is divided into different sizes. From smaller to bigger, we have models of 40×15, 40×17, 40×20, 45×20, 50×21 and 50×21 heel. From smallest to largest, you will need between 33 and 9 units per square meter, depending on the overlap of the tile.

At Tejas Verea we are experts in tile placement in the country

We can offer you various colors within the country’s tile (del país). From the typical red to the aged ones, brown, graphite, Ohio red, peach, jacobea, añeja, fumé, capcana and Santiago. Once you have decided on your model, we will also take care of the placement of the country’s tile if you wish. Both in family homes and in complete buildings and even businesses.

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