We use virtual reality to recreate the assembly of a micro-ventilated roof and answer technical questions

Explains the placement of critical points of the roof such as eaves, gables and ridges

In the first weeks of its publication, it accumulates more than 8.000 views

Tejas Verea explains with virtual reality the installation phases of micro-ventilated roofs with barrel roof tile and solves technical doubts. It is a new tool available on the Tejas Verea YouTube channel, developed to provide construction and architecture professionals with information about the Verea System roof placement system and its correct application.

The video includes all the elements that make up the installation system of a ceramic tile roof on corrugated fiber cement board. The user will be able to visualize with great definition the complete step by step, from the installation of the insulation and the waterproofing to the fixing of the ceramic pieces, and access technical information on the materials and necessary tools.

In addition, it specifically addresses the placement of critical points on the roof (eaves, gables, ridges) to ensure correct installation, following the recommendations of the system approved by Verea.

This tool has been generated from photorealistic images. More than 18,000 images or individual frames were rendered and all the elements of the system were animated, representing their use and placement.

In the first weeks since its publication, it has accumulated more than 8,000 views on the Tejas Verea YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ThHp3-xvQ4&t=52s

Ventilated roof execution system: Verea System

Verea was the first ceramic tile manufacturer to have an approved installation system in Spain, the Verea System, which increases both the durability of the tiles and the performance of the roof. Easy to install, this comprehensive roof system provides greater energy efficiency and reduces humidity and condensation in buildings.

Among the advantages of the system are the reduction of humidity and its easy assembly, based on the creation of a micro-ventilated roof with a dry installation.

Verea System is a construction system in accordance with the Spanish Technical Building Code, the specifications of which are included in the DIT Technical Suitability Documents No. 622/16 (Verea System) and No. 590R / 18 (Verea Line System).

Tejas Verea

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