Verea roof tiles pass the resistance test to hail impact in the United States

In the impact resistance test, the ice balls hit the roof tiles at 112 km/h speed.

The Verea roof tiles have just passed the FM 4473 Gail impact resistance test at level 3, carried out at the American laboratory Intertek. In this test, a 44,45 mm diameter ice ball, similar to the size of a golf ball, is propelled like a missile against the roof tiles at 112 km/h speed without causing damage to the roof. This endurance test is considered level 3 due to the diameter of the hail propelled.

This is one more proof of the great resistance of Verea roof tiles to adverso weather conditions, such as the hail storms that are very common in the south-central of United States.

In addition, since 2009, Verea roof tiles are classified as level 1of resistance to frost according to the European standard UNE EN 539-2, which requires overcoming more than 150 freezing cycles. Verea  roof tiles are the only ones in the market that have certified resistance to more than 500 freeze-thaw cycles.

Currently, all Verea roof tile is authorized to be instalen in the most demandan climatologically areas, such as the north United States and Canada.

50 years of warranty

Tejas Verea is a benchmark in the national ceramic sector that offers comprehensive roofing solutions. It is the only Spanish tile manufacturer with a 50-year defect-free guarantee, which places it as a leading company in the sector in offering its customers products whose quality is guaranteed for life, without additional costs.

Furthermore, the company was the first in the sector to approve two roof installation systems: “Verea System” and “VereaLine System”. These constructive solutions make it possible to optimize the performance and durability of the tiles, protecting the roofs in the most extreme weather conditions, and reducing installation and maintenance costs.

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