Mixed and Flat Roof Tiles – Price per square meter

When it comes to buying roof tiles, there are several aspects that you surely value. The aesthetics, the inclination of your ceiling, etc. Among them, one of the most outstanding is the price per square meter of mixed and flat roof tiles.

If you think that any of these models is ideal for you, knowing the budget you should invest will be the next step. As you will have seen as soon as you have entered this article, we have provided you with a very simple questionnaire so that you can send us your query and thus we will tell you the exact price.

That is the best way to do it, since that way we can get in touch with you to find out all the details. Until we do that, we cannot give you a final price, although we can give you some details.

Price per square meter of mixed roof tile

The mixed roof tile that we sell at Tejas Verea weighs 3.55 kilos and fits 378 on each pallet. Its length is 50 centimeters and its width is 27.8. Thus, depending on the specific overlap of the tile, each square meter can fit 9.

Price per square meter of mixed roof tile

We have the easiest-to-install mixed tile on the market, with a model that reproduces the aesthetics of the curved tile. It stands out for its incredible durability (5 times more than the minimum required) and for its natural finishes.

Price per square meter of flat toof tile

The flat tile is slightly smaller, with 40 centimeters in length and 25.5 in width. Consequently, a square meter can fit more, about 12.5 in general, although it also varies depending on the overlap.

The weight of this piece is 2.95 kilos and it can fit up to 344 on a pallet. It is a cutting-edge product, but it still offers all the advantages of the traditional ceramic tile. Its main advantage is that it is very versatile.

Do not hesitate to ask us directly the price per square meter of the mixed and flat roof tile and take advantage of the exceptional guarantee and quality that, as an expert manufacturer, we can offer you at Tejas Verea.

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