Metal roof tile or ceramic roof tile? Which is the best option?

When covering your roof, it is normal that you inform yourself and value different options. To help you in this decision process, at Tejas Verea we are going to explain to you whether a metal roof tile or a ceramic roof tile is better, through an explanation of their main differences.

Differences between metal roof tile and ceramic roof tile

Metal roof tiles have certain advantages. In general, they are cheaper, both in their purchase and in their installation. Although they are light, they support a lot of load and, being smooth, they do not accumulate waste or water. Its placement is also quite simple.

On the other hand, there are also many advantages of using ceramic roof tiles. They are a guarantee in many ways, especially when it comes to water tightness. The material itself achieves this effect, as well as the diversity of shapes in which you can buy them: curved, flat or mixed.

What is better, the metal roof tile or the ceramic roof tile

Although by material they are not as waterproof as metallic ones, the truth is that they must comply with a large number of standards that guarantee their insulation, ventilation and, in addition, their resistance to freezing and thawing.

What is better, the metal roof tile or the ceramic roof tile?

Based on all this, you can now make your decision. Can it be said with total certainty that a metal roof tile is better than a ceramic or the other way around? Well, it is difficult, and it will depend a bit on your tastes.

At Tejas Verea we work with ceramic roof tiles because we know that we can offer prices and finishes with the highest guarantee. This would be another unique advantage of ceramic roof tiles, their finishes. No matter which building you use them in, they allow you to perfectly respect the characteristics of the environment. Whether referring to art, history or landscape. This is so thanks to the incredible range of options that we offer you, both in shapes and in finishes or colors. You can see them all on our website.

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