Marseille flat roof tile, single channel and Verea flat roof tile, which is the best?

The tile roof is one of the most widespread and common. Something easily understandable if we know all the advantages they offer. Doubts often arise about which is the best type of tile to buy: the Marseillaise, the single-channel, the Verea flat?

The tiles are waterproof and protect roofs from water, even in heavy rain. Furthermore, they are very resistant to different climatic conditions (wind, frost, snow, sun, etc.). In fact, the useful life of a tile roof can clearly exceed 40 years and reach 70. There are mainly three types of them: flat, channel, and mechanical or interlocking. Let’s see some types to find the best tile for you.

The flat tile

It is quite classic and extended. It is usually thick and solid, suitable for sloping roofs and perfectly waterproof. Although it is flat, it sometimes has a slight curve to facilitate the flow of rainwater.

There are flat tiles in many different materials. The best known are red, graphite and slate. The ones we sell in Tejas Verea have a length of 40 centimeters, a width of 25.5 centimeters and a weight of 2.95 kilos. About 12.5 flat tiles are needed to cover one square meter of surface and we sell them on pallets of 344 units. So, each pallet covers about 27 square meters.

What type of roof tile is the best

The single-channel roof tile

It is a type of tile widely used in the Mediterranean regions. They are characterized by rows of channel tiles that lock each other. The tile fits most frames, but requires a low-slope roof.

What is the best tile, flat or single channel?

The flat tile is the one with the simplest installation system. In addition, it is very long-lived, highly resistant and its color is easily maintained. It is adaptable to various types of roofs.

As for the single channel, it is recommended for roofs that have a low slope. Besides that, they are also resistant, although they usually demand that a waterproofing system be placed under the roof.

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