How to fix a sagging roof

The passage of time and climatic conditions can cause wear and tear on a roof. If you do not act quickly, it is likely that the roof could sink. If you are wondering how to fix a sunken roof, it is best to follow a series of guidelines and go to a specialized company.

The roof is perhaps the part of the house most exposed to meteorological phenomena and climatic conditions. Fixing a sagging roof is not easy, so it is a job that must be done by a company that is dedicated to it. Not only so that the result is the most optimal, but also because minimum safety standards need to be met.

How to fix a sagging roof?

Fixing a sagging roof is a repair that needs to be done urgently. First of all, the type of subsidence that the structure presents must be specified. But whether it is a partial or total collapse, it is necessary to contact a roof repair and rehabilitation company.

In fact, it is not just a question of replacing the tiles, but a total repair of the structure. It is therefore necessary to use specific and quality materials and the implementation of the most suitable waterproofing systems. A type of repair with which to avoid problems on the roof, whether they are collapses, water leaks, etc.

How to fix a sunken roof

In Tejas Verea we rehabilitate sunken roofs

Tejas Verea is the company you need if you are looking to fix a sagging roof. We are specialists in this type of work, and we have the best professionals, systems, and materials for this. We will fully take care of the rehabilitation of your roof so that it once again provides the best protection for your home.

At Tejas Verea we work with the Verea System. A system designed to protect your home in the most extreme conditions and with which you can reduce installation and maintenance costs. For a reason, Verea System is, at present, the only system approved by the Spanish State.

Thanks to this system, your new roof will have all the necessary materials. In addition, the work carried out here eliminates the use of mortar, since mechanical fixings are used that guarantee the best ventilation between all the elements that are part of the roof.

Contact us if you need advice on how to fix a sagging roof. We will inform you without obligation of what your roof needs. We are the manufacturer of curved, mixed, and flat ceramic tiles made with clay number 1 in Spain. We will rehabilitate your sunken roof so that you will once again have the firmer and safer structure.

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