Flat roof or clay roof tiles? Advantages and disadvantages of choosing one or another

When we are going to build a house, the first thing we do is imagine it. During the last few years, television, Hollywood movies and series have bombarded us with the idea that luxury and modernity were found in a white house, clean and with a flat roof, whether it was passable or not. The problem is that this solution looks very good in the pictures, but it ends up being a problem with the passing of time.

The best solution when building a house is always the sloping roof; and it is not because we manufacture tiles, it is by simple logic. In a flat roof, no matter how well it is projected and executed, no matter how well it is designed to evacuate the rain, it will always be more punished by humidity and other external elements that will end up causing injuries to the roof. And it is that whenever someone builds a house with a flat roof is going to have moisture. It’s just a matter of time.

Disadvantages of the flat roof that affect it the most

The main enemy of a flat roof is the execution itself. It is very common to seal badly at a point that will eventually become a sieve for moisture and problems. Many architects do not prepare the flat roof for the atmospheric conditions of the area, they do not take them into account at all; and now that we have such abrupt changes of temperature, with days with 40 degrees that go to 17 from one day to another, many flat roofs do not support it.

Think also of all the elements that will be on it: rain, snow, leaves and other elements that will end up there: like birds nesting. For all these reasons, it is necessary to hire a maintenance of the roof so that every so often you come to check that everything is fine. And for what? For the only advantage it has: to make it beautiful.

Advantages of the roof tile and sloping roof

Fortunately, good sense is returning to construction projects and we are moving away from that 2000’s fever of every house having a flat roof; that doesn’t look bad to take a picture with your house and upload it to Instagram, of course, but the sloping roof with tile gives you a better guarantee that you won’t have problems with humidity, that your roof will hold out longer, that you won’t have a nest of angry pigeons on the roof

In addition to the fact that it is a better construction solution, it is more difficult to poorly execute this roof than the flat one. We have Verea System, our own solution that gives spectacular results, both aesthetically and constructively.

And don’t worry about the design. At Tejas Verea we have been serving the best roof tiles to architects, landscapers and designers from all over the world for years, always achieving the best construction results but also fabulous designs without having to sacrifice being able to stay warm at home in winter without having to put a bucket on the floor because the flat roof has a leak.

Finally: choose a sloping roof, choose Tejas Verea and choose good design, quality and comfort.

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