Best roof tile factory in Spain in 2020 – prices and reviews

Our ceramic roof tile factory has been in operation since 1967. Since then, we have been growing and improving with the aim of becoming the best tile factory in Spain by 2020, both in terms of price and opinion.

And we are not the best because we say so, but because of how you make us feel every time you choose us for your projects. From our roof tile factory come our famous curved roof tiles, S-roof tiles and also flat roof tiles. Since 1967 we have been clear about one thing: maximum satisfaction can only be achieved by offering the best quality and a guarantee to match 50 years.

This type of guarantee can only be given to a top quality product, because we are sure that our tiles can withstand anything, giving much better results than other solutions, such as sheet metal or flat roofs that end up being transformed into pools with four drops of water falling in. And from the best raw material we manage to produce more than 50 million tiles a year, which travel all over the world.

Since 1967, our factory of curved, flat and “S” roof tiles has been improving ,thanks to all our customers


Our raw material comes from the best quarries and undergoes the most demanding quality controls. With them we manufacture:

  • Curved Roof Tile: this is one of the tiles that has been around us the longest. Its greatest advantage is its versatility, since its shape allows for many types of overlaps that make it ideal for any solution.
  • S-Roof Tile: it has a fabulous adaptability to under-tile plates.
  • Flat Roof tile: very easy installation and a minimalist and elegant design.

Today, the quality of our tile factory is not only limited to Spain, we are expanding into Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Today, whether you are a private individual or a professional, wherever you live, you can get the products of the best tile factory in Spain, which will continue to improve to accommodate the most demanding projects and situations. Thank you very much for choosing us.

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