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Are flat, mixed or curved tiles cheaper?

If you need to remodel or build a new roof, it is probably time to look at prices. Today we are going to help you from Tejas Verea with the eternal doubt of whether flat, mixed, or curved tiles are cheaper.

We already anticipate that the answer should not be fixed, because in the end it will depend on several factors. We refer to the complete installation and the number of pieces that you will need, based on the overlap that each one has and the square meters of your roof. But, individually speaking, which tiles are the cheapest?

What are the cheapest tiles?

You might think that, due to the simplicity of their shape, flat ones are, right? However, speaking of individual price per tile, the cheapest are curved, followed by mixed and, finally, flat. But, as we said, it is necessary to deepen.

If you want to receive an exact budget, in Tejas Verea we make it really simple for you. You simply have to fill out the questionnaire found in this article and we will answer you as soon as possible without obligation.

Are flat, mixed or curved tiles cheaper

Flat tile price

The flat tile is the most expensive piece by piece. What happens is that it is also usually the one that covers the most space. For example, to cover a square meter of roof you need 12.5 flat tiles of 40×25.5 centimeters.

Curved tile price

As we said, the curved tile is the cheapest of all. If we analyze piece by piece. However, more pieces are also needed to cover a square meter of roof. Specifically, almost 25 pieces of 40×20 centimeters. As you can see, almost twice as many as flat with practically the same measurements.

Mixed tile price

At an intermediate point is the mixed tile. In addition, you would need more or less the same number of mixed tiles as curves to cover the same number of square meters on a roof.

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