Rehabilitation of roofs in A Coruña

The rehabilitation of roofs in A Coruña is a task that you must consider. You just must think that roofs are one of the most exposed places in a building. The passage of time and inclement weather can cause them to deteriorate and not offer the best benefits.

Water leaks are one of the most common problems that can lead to having to carry out a roof and roof rehabilitation in A Coruña. Along with the passage of time, this effect can cause materials to be displaced and urgent rehabilitation work must be carried out.

Budget for roof rehabilitation

In Tejas Verea you can request your budget for the rehabilitation of roofs without obligation. We are specialists in the manufacture of efficient solutions with ceramic roof tiles.

One of the systems we work with is Verea System. This integral construction solution will allow you to enjoy a greater durability of the tiles and the performance of the roof. In addition, it will provide greater energy efficiency to the home. Not surprisingly, it is currently the only roof installation system that has a Technical Suitability Document (DIT).

Verea System is an excellent solution for the rehabilitation of roofs in A Coruña. Without going any further, it is designed to protect the home from the most extreme weather conditions. Also, thanks to this system installation and maintenance costs are reduced.

Rehabilitation of roofs in A Coruña

We adapt to all types of support under tile. Therefore, in terms of rehabilitation, it is currently the most versatile system.

We work in A Coruña and the rest of Galicia

At Tejas Verea we work in A Coruña and all of Galicia. In fact, in recent years we have carried out roof rehabilitation and renovation work on three historic Spanish buildings: the Santa Cristina monastery in Parada de Sil (Ourense), the Royal Palace of Valladolid and the Visigoth temple of Santa Comba de Bande (Ourense).

The efficiency in the rehabilitation work that we carry out in them is a reliable example of the quality that we print in all our executions. We are, therefore, the best solution to work on the deck and roof of your house and thus provide maximum protection.

Access the Tejas Verea website and calculate the budget you need for the rehabilitation of roofs in A Coruña or anywhere in Galicia. We manufacture curved tile, S tile and flat tile of the highest quality. Models that are available in a wide variety of colors, finishes and sizes and that adapt perfectly to any type of rehabilitation work you must do.

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