How many mixed tiles does a square meter of roof take?

If you are thinking about a project for your roof and you are starting to calculate costs, you are surely looking for how many mixed tiles fit in a square meter. Calculating it is not really complicated, since there is a formula.

The important thing that you need to know first is the exact measurements of the tiles you are going to buy. If you are determined to use the mixed ones, it is these that interest you. A great choice, since the mixed ones are the ones that best reproduce the aesthetics of others, mainly the curves.

Mixed shingles are designed to be installed more easily. They can be used in various types of plates, mainly fiber cement and onduline. In addition, without the need for tracking.

How many mixed tiles do you have in one square meter?

In Tejas Verea we have two different models. Based on the measurements of each one, you can determine how many mixed tiles a square meter of roof has. The Spanish S is 50 centimeters long and 27.8 wide. Therefore, you would need 9 units to cover one square meter (more information here).

How many mixed tiles do you have in one square meter

On the other hand, there is the Caribbean S, which is slightly smaller. It is 47.7 centimeters long and 27.5 wide. Of this, 9-10 mixed tiles would enter in a square meter. In both cases, it will always depend a little on the overlap of the tile. They are slightly variable data.

As expert manufacturers of mixed S-shaped tiles, we recommend this option, which also has an exceptional guarantee. In addition, they offer a large number of different finishes, all of them natural. Some of them are red, brown, graphite, Ohio red, peach, mocha, aged, Jacobean, smoked, capcana and Santiago.

Its use allows you to achieve a perfect harmony between your roof and the environment that surrounds your home. As for its durability, it is able to withstand inclement weather up to 5 times the minimum required by regulations.

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