Clay roof tiles – Price, Pros and Cons

If the foundation of a house is one of the most important parts of a house, the roof of our house is equally or more important in the structure of the house. It is very necessary that we intelligently choose a roofing material that protects and is also made of the right material.

At Tejas Verea we have been manufacturing the best roof tiles in Spain since 1967, and we don’t say it ourselves, our customers say it every time they choose our products to put on their homes and roofs. From our roof tile factory come our famous curved tiles, the S tiles and also the flat tiles. 

Tile roofs consist of the directional placement of individual pieces that cover a structure. This is when we could start calling our structure a roof. A roof provides you with security, and also means a long-term saving, as there will be very little maintenance work that you will have to do. 

However, the tiles are more than just a simple detail in the construction, they are the functional material that will protect the exterior of your home. There are many reasons to choose a clay tile roof. Today we are going to give you some basic notions about this type of tile and explain the pros and cons of using clay tile for your roof.

Tiles are ceramic pieces made by firing selected clays. According to the shape in their construction they can be distinguished from two types: the curved tiles and the flat tiles. In our factory we are experts in the construction of both types, and we also manufacture the clay tiles in the shape of an “S”.

Clay tiles are perfect for structures such as roofs

Now that you know a little more about clay tiles, let’s give you the keys by which you will want to use them in your house, here are the pros of clay tiles:

At one hand, because of its resistance to the elements. Among the benefits of the clay tile roof is that this type of tile is designed to withstand natural phenomena such as rain, hail and strong winds.

On the other hand, the versatility of the product. These clay tiles can be adapted to any house design and any environment. There are different color options, which will allow you to make a combination with a personalized style. This without forgetting the great variety of designs on the market. Today they are still considered an option for any home, as different models, colors and textures are available that allow them to easily adapt to all styles.

And finally, we want to emphasize its durability: A well-built clay tile roof has a long life span. In addition, maintenance of these is simple and economical.

However, if we had to say some “cons” the clay tile, the only thing we could point out is that it is a type of tile that is fragile under pressure. Therefore, we do not recommend it if you want to use it for horizontal roofs or in places where people can pass through. But this should not be a problem on a roof.

We hope that our advice about clay tiles has helped you to decide. Thank you for choosing us!

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