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Verea adheres to the United Nations Global Compact to boost sustainable development

The Galician company Tejas Verea, manufacturer of roof tiles and efficient solutions with ceramic tiles for roofs, has adhered to the United Nations Global Compact in order to align its strategies and operations with the universal principles in human rights, labor standards, environment and struggle against corruption.

In recent years, Verea has developed actions framed in 13 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations in terms of labor rights, environment or sustainable resource management.

The company’s objective is to advance in the promotion of all SDGs, implementing new actions in occupational health, gender equality, promotion of local economy, quality training and responsible production and consumption.

Spain has 1,583 signatory companies of the UN Global Compact, of which 107 belong to the construction sector. Verea is the only company in the Spanish ceramic sector that is part of this global development initiative.

Commitment to society and environment

Verea has been developing a Corporate Social Responsibility policy for years in favor of the balance between economic growth, social welfare, environmental care and the sustainable use of natural resources.

It is a company linked to the community and its development, through the generation of employment and wealth in rural Galicia and the promotion of campaigns such as ‘EnTéllate‘, a project of social, educational and environmental action to value among the most young people the natural resources of the rural environment and their responsible management.

Since its inception, Verea defends values ​​and commitments in relations with workers that promote the quality of life at work through the creation of a stable employment policy and family reconciliation measures.

In environmental matters, since 2012 Verea measures its CO2 emissions with the Carbon Footprint Calculator of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, with which they have managed to reduce 6.65% of their CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

For more than 15 years, Verea has an emission reduction plan with which it has achieved zero CO2 emissions from electricity and more than 150,000 euros have been invested to reduce direct emissions produced in ovens and dryers, increasing energy reuse and insulation.

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