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The Verea System allows to create resistant, eco-sustainable and efficient roofs

This installation system is based on the construction of a ventilated roof that reduces humidity and exceeds winds of 180 km/h. The roofs made with the Verea System have a 50 year warranty.

Verea roof tiles allow “to create eco-sustainable and energy efficient roofs”. In addition, “its greater durability and resistance” minimize energy expenditure and the consumption of materials for its manufacture, as explained by Manuel Verea, commercial manager of Verea, at the DPA Forum on Innovation in architecture, construction and rehabilitation , held in Santiago de Compostela.

More than 80 architects and installers from all over Galicia, who participated in this technical day, learned about the advantages of Verea System, the only approved installation system in Spain developed according to the Technical Suitability Documents (DIT nº 622/16).

Among other advantages of this system, “humidity reduction” stands out, since it is a ventilated roof; “An anchoring system that surpasses winds of more than 180Km/h” and the reduction of work times, “thanks to its easy assembly,” said Manuel Verea.

The Verea System allows to increase both the durability of the roof tiles and the roof performance. In addition, for the covers that are installed with this system, we offer a 50-year warranty.

Verea roof tiles, the most durable

The technical data sheets of AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification) include as a guaranteed value that Verea tiles exceed 500 ice-thaw cycles, after being certified by an independent laboratory.

In this way, Verea becomes the first Spanish company in the sector to achieve this technical recognition, which certifies that they are the tiles with greater durability that are manufactured in Spain.

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