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Verea roof tiles, the most durable certified by AENOR

The technical data sheets of AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification) include as a guaranteed value that Verea roof tiles exceed 500 cycles of ice-thaw, after being certified by an independent laboratory.

In this way, Verea becomes the first Spanish company in the sector to achieve this technical recognition, which certifies that they are the roof tiles with greater durability that are manufactured in Spain.

At the moment, AENOR has updated the data sheets of the tiles 40×15 and Spanish “S” and, in the coming months, they will be extended to the rest of the products.

The careful selection of the clays, the optimization of the cooking process (at 1050 degrees of temperature) and the continuous controls, has allowed to increase the quality standards until obtaining the ceramic tile with greater durability of the market. At present, it is the only manufacturer of ceramic tiles that offers a 50-year guarantee for all its ceramic tiles.

It should be remembered that, since 2009, Verea shingles were already classified with level 1 of resistance to frost, according to the European norm UNE EN 539-2, which demands to overcome more than 150 cycles of ice cream.

In addition, in 2016, the American Test Lab in Florida (USA) certified, by means of an ice-thaw test, grade 1 for Verea Spanish “S” and Verea Barrel tiles, an indication that the flat tile had been obtained.

Currently, all Verea roof tile is authorized to be placed in the most demanding weather zones, such as the northern United States and Canada.

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