Verea and the City Hall of Mesía launch the ‘EnTéllate’ program

Students from Mesía, Frades, Boimorto and Ordes will participate in didactic visits to the Brañas de Valga Interpretation Center and to the Verea factory. The objective of the initiative is to disseminate and value the natural resources of the region from an environmental, historical and social point of view.

The educational centers of CPI of Xanceda (Mesía), CPI of Pontecarreira (Frades), CPI Armando Cotarelo Valledor (Boimorto) and CEIP Campomaior, Mesón do Vento and Alfonso D. Rodríguez Castelao (Ordes) will participate in the “EnTéllate” program.

An initiative promoted by Verea and the City Council of Messía to value among the youngest the natural resources of the rural environment, such as clay, and the importance of sustainable management.

EnTéllate, a campaign for young people to ‘find out’

EnTéllate is aimed at 6th grade schoolchildren and aims to promote knowledge about the rural environment through three routes: BioEnTéllate, HistoriEnTéllate and RuriEnTéllate.

BioEnTéllate is an approach to the natural resources of the environment and the natural environment of As Brañas. HistoriEnTéllate addresses the evolution of the history of clay in Galicia and the profession of cabaqueiros. RuriEnTéllate analyzes sectors that are fundamental for the rural and its economic impact.

The first edition of this campaign, which will begin with the 2018-2019 school year, includes guided visits to the Brañas de Valga Interpretation Center in Mesía to publicize the history of ceramics in Galicia, manufacturing techniques and ceramic industry evolution and a clay workshop.

They will also visit Verea, where they will learn about the manufacture of ceramic tiles. There you can see closely how clay is worked in a robotized factory that performs industrial processes with the least environmental impact and that has several quality and environmental certifications, such as Aenor Quality and Environment certificates ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001 : 2015, the certificate granted by the Community Regulation of Eco-management and Eco-audit, EMAS, and the Calculo y Reduzco seal granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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