Verea invests 600.000 euros in a new clay mill to reduce water absorption and increase the strength of the tiles

The Verea factory at Lanzá (Mesía) has a new clay mill capable of grinding with a very fine grain size, a new technology that increases the quality of the tiles, since it reduces water absorption, increases its resistance and improves its finish.

The acquisition of this technology for the milling plant has meant an investment of more than 600.000 euros and is part of the 2019-2020 Investment Plan, through which the company plans to make investments worth 2.5 million euros.

The other planned investments will involve process improvements of the three production lines with the aim of continuing to improve the quality of the tiles. Verea has a production capacity in Mesía of 50 million tiles per year, in an industrial complex of almost 300.000 square meters. The turnover amounts to 10.3 million euros and employs 60 workers.

Verea tiles are the ones that offer the highest durability in the market, with a 50-year certified warranty.

During the Annual Open Doors Day Verea, more than 100 people from neighboring municipalities visited the factory to learn about the entire process of manufacturing a tile. They also had the opportunity to see the work of a cabaqueiro, the traditional craft of hand-made tiles, as they once were.

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An intelligent factory that reduces its CO2 emissions

Another aspect in which the company has been working for years is the minimization of the environmental impact of the activity it carries out, through the implementation of measures that reduce its carbon footprint and the reduction in energy consumption.

Since 2012, in Verea the total CO2 emissions per ton produced from tiles are measured with the Carbon Footprint Calculator of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment through which they have managed to reduce 6.65 % of its CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. In 2015, Verea became the first tile manufacturer to enroll in the Ministry’s Carbon Footprint, Compensation and CO2 Absorption projects.

For more than 15 years, Verea has had an emission reduction plan and they have reduced CO2 emissions from electricity to zero. The production lines only consume electricity from renewable sources and more than 150,000 euros have been invested to reduce direct emissions produced in furnaces and dryers, increasing energy reuse and insulation.

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