Verea activates investments of 2.5 million to design its future

Tejas Verea sees the future with optimism. This is the only way to explain the investment plan that the company located in Messía has just announced, and that will mean a disbursement of 2.5 million euros throughout this year and the one that comes in different production lines of its plant in Lanzá . The first of the improvements is already underway: a new clay mill with a very fine grain size to reduce water absorption, increase the strength of the tiles and optimize its finish.

A state-of-the-art equipment that costs 600,000 euros and will deepen one of the brand’s hallmarks: the quality of its products. Not surprisingly, Verea tiles have a 50-year certified warranty, which represents the highest durability in the market and a pride for the company’s managers.

This first advance is part of the investment plan for the next two years, a roadmap that aims to consolidate a company that currently employs 60 people and accumulates annual sales of more than 10.3 million euros. The nearly two million euros that complete this improvement program will focus on several processes of the three production lines that the Lanzá industrial complex has, which has a capacity to market 50 million tiles a year.

At the same time, Verea has activated an ambitious plan in which he has been working for several years to minimize the environmental impact of his activity, a trend that has been adding faithful time to this part due to the emergence of climate change, but in the company from Coruña has been a priority at least since 2012. The firm has adopted measures linked to the reduction of the carbon footprint and energy consumption, central elements in the battle that takes place to contain the toxic effects against the climate .

Less carbon footprint

Seven years ago, Verea decided to measure the total CO2 emissions generated by its industrial complex in Mesía with the carbon footprint calculator of the Ministry of Environment, an intensive work that has allowed the company to cut 6.65% of the dioxide of carbon produced every day. And that also allowed three years later the registration of the firm in the Carbon Footprint Registry of the ministry, becoming the first manufacturer of tiles that was integrated into this list.

Reused energy

To achieve this objective, a previously activated program to completely eliminate CO2 emissions from electricity consumption has been particularly useful. Verea can boast zero levels because its production lines only work with energy generated by renewable sources. In its day, 150,000 euros were also invested to suppress polluting emissions generated directly by ovens and dryers. At present, an energy reuse work of these equipments is carried out, which have been isolated with great efficiency.

Verea developed a few days ago an open house day in which a group of visitors could get to know the company and even the work of a “cabaqueiro”, the manual production of tiles, a traditional trade that the Coruña firm disseminates in these initiatives.

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